Go360 Aug 8, 2016

360° Video phenomena - Interview for Czech radio

360° video format started to spread in 2015. This year we're experiencing a real media boom.

Utilization of 360° videos is huge - from shooting interesting personal events such as holiday or wedding experiences up to large productions such as concerts, lectures or advertising spots.

The biggest advantage of a 360° video is that it covers the entire scene and therefore we're able to capture full atmosphere of that specific moment. A spectator is not limited by seeing only a small portion of the reality as in classical videos but has opportunity to experience being one of those people present when the video was being shot. When watching the video in special VR goggles (such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard) it is almost real-life experience. Although in order to watch a 360° video you don't need those goggles at all. The video can be played in various web browsers and you can use mouse to look around instead of turning your head.

If you're interested in hearing the interview for Czech radio with Michal just click on one of the following links (Note: the content is in Czech)

Article placed on the Czech radio website: 360° video - Look across the screen. Holiday experiences receive new dimension

Audio record of the interview: Interview

We've also shot a short 360° video when participating in the interview that can be watched below (or search for “Je to úplně jiný zážitek – ideální na dovolenou, říká nadšenec filmování v 360 stupních M. Lovecký.“ in your YouTube app)

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