Go360 Oct 30, 2017

First 360° wedding in the Czech Republic!

Updated: Jan 27

Take a look at the result of unplanned shooting of Market's and Karel's wedding.

First 360° wedding in the Czech Republic!

Wedding is one of the most emotional experiences in a human life. Newlyweds try to preserve memories by taking photos, videos and by saving memorial items. Everyone likes to remind those moments after few months or years.

Although advantages and purpose of classical cameras and video cameras can't be questioned those devices can only snap one little moment or cropped field of view. Of course media content like this will have its place in the future, modern technology arises. Now we can preserve memories the most authentic and real. We're able to do that creating 360° videos that capture those single moments as a whole including all the place, beloved guests and atmosphere.

360° video format has proved its qualities. Satisfaction from watching and the ability to trigger memories is much higher compared to classical photos and videos. Even more if you're watching it in VR goggles. If the content is produced and post-produced by professionals the results can be excellent compared to content produced by amateurs.

If you're interested in watching a short version of the first 360° wedding video, take a look at this:

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